Business Analytics

Making your data intelligent to help you make smart business decisions.

Cloud Services

Creating foundation for accelerated business growth

Application Engineering

Optimizing applications to create future ready enterprises

Testing Services

We ensure Reliability, Resilience & Compliance of your products

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Harnessing the Power of AI to Drive Intelligent Innovation

Who we are

A global information technology service provider leading the way in next-generation digital solutions.

At NINtec, our mission is to revolutionize our customers' businesses by delivering cutting-edge insights and deploying the most innovative technology solutions available. Our dedicated Centers of Excellence work tirelessly to transform even the most challenging technology and business constraints into seamless, effortless experiences for our clients.

Our clients have affectionately dubbed us the "team next door" because we're always close at hand, ready to provide exceptional service and support when they need it most. Trust NINtec to usher your business into the future with unparalleled expertise and a commitment to your success.



By leveraging technology, enterprises can redefine their product offerings, customer and distributor engagement, and supply chain processes. Our innovative solutions and deep industry insights can help you stay ahead.

Print Media & Publishing

PUBLISHING The print and publishing industry must adapt to the exponential rise in digitalization or face becoming obsolete. We enable enterprises to cross over and address the shifts in technology with ease and efficiency.


In the face of constantly evolving economies, the financial sector must adopt digital technology while also dealing with cybercrime and regulatory compliances. Our vast industry experience can help ease this transition.

Transportation & Logistics

In these times of fast-changing technology, enterprises must stay relevant, streamline their business and improve consumer experience. Our out-of-the box solutions and technical competency can pave the way to your success.

Healthcare & Lifesciences

We provide cutting-edge digital solutions for healthcare, focusing on patient lifestyle apps, AI-driven platforms, and martech implementations, while ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.


We provide innovative digital transformation solutions for global manufacturing businesses, improving production processes and integrating operational needs with enterprise-level decision-making across sectors.

Future Engineering

At NINtec, we harness the power of AI and ML to develop innovative solutions that help businesses stay ahead in their respective industries. Our AI/ML-powered tools and services are designed to analyze complex data, identify patterns and trends, and make predictions to optimize business processes, customer interactions, and overall performance.


Blockchain Development

We provide expert consulting and application development services using Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, enhancing financial operations and data security across various blockchain types.


Leverage IoT to boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity by securely integrating applications with numerous devices and sensors for valuable business insights.

Process Automation and Software Bots

Utilize RPA(Robotic Process Automation) and software bots for task optimization, error minimization, and enhanced efficiency, ensuring businesses remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Cognitive AI

Embrace cognitive AI to develop adaptive, personalized intelligent systems, driving industry transformation and opening new avenues for growth and innovation across sectors.

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